Update 2.0 now available!

-Now the jump height depends on the duration of pressing jump button.
-Improved the mechanics of interacting with enemies.
-Improved the work of many traps.
-Reduced hitboxes.
-Improved music manager. At level 50, there is now a new track.
-Increased speed and other parameters of the character.
-Many levels have been slightly modified for new controls.
-Game settings are now available in the pause menu.
-Slightly improved interface.
-Improved gamepad controls.
-Added support for Switch Pro Controller.
-Added translation into Malay and Romanian languages.
-Updated game engine.

And many more minor changes. Let me know if you have any problems after the update.


Windows (DRM FREE).zip 47 MB
Sep 10, 2020
Mac (DRM FREE).zip 49 MB
Sep 10, 2020
Linux (DRM FREE).zip 52 MB
Sep 10, 2020

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